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Networking, SecurityCameras, Cellular Enhancement, Internet, and VoIP Solutions Are all Available From Remote Communications 

Internet available anywhere in the U.S. even in rural areas. We have plans and hardware designed for Business, Residential, RV and Camper, SCADA, and Mobile applications. No Installation costs because all our packages can be self installed.

Why Choose Us?

No Cost Self Installation

All of our LTE router are shipped pre activated so no installer visit is needed. for outdoor antennas we can ship pre terminated cables of whatever length you need.

Unlimited Data

All of our data plans are unlimited. You can choose from an unlimited plan with overage charges if needed or a soft capped plan with no overages. Soft capped plans will slow down when data limit is reached but will still meet your needs.


Most of our plans use the Verizon Network available in most of the nation. However we can also use AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or iNet as needed. Specific carrier does not impact pricing